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Floaters are perceived by individuals in their visual field and can appear in various forms such as dots, lines, or "spider webs". They can occur due to natural degeneration of the vitreous gel in the eye. When the vitreous ​gel degenerates, they can form clumps which will cast shadows on the retina causing individuals to see floaters.

Floaters are generally harmless and do not require any treatment. However, they may sometimes indicate bleeding in the vitreous gel or a retinal issue such as a retinal lattice or tear.

As such, it is advised to schedule for a consultation to understand the cause.  

Retinal Degenerations

With high myopia, the retina can become thinner and stretched out. This increases the risks of conditions as listed below. 
  Lattice (weakness areas)
  Tears, holes
  Retinal Detachments 
Apart from high myopia, genetics plays a part as well. Thus, patients with family history of retinal degenerations should be screened as well.  

Retinal Lattice

Retinal Tears, Holes

Retinal Detachment

Retinal detachment is an ocular emergency. Some classical symptoms that patients will see include 
  sudden increase in floaters 
  flashes of light 
  "Black curtain" like vision 
Those who experience any of the above symptoms should consult a retina specialist immediately; as diagnosing and treating it timely is vital.

Retinal Diagnostic Equipment

  Topcon Optical Coherence Tomography Maestro 2 
  Optovue Optical Coherence Tomography 
  Optos Daytona Wide angle camera

  Canon Digital Fluorescein and Indocyanine Green Angiography 
  Nikon Digital non mydriatic Fundal camera 


For retinal lattice, tears and holes, a retinopexy laser can be performed to isolate those areas from the rest of the retina. 
For retinal detachments, a procedure known as vitrectomy will be performed to repair the detachment.

Retinal Laser Therapeutic Equipment

  Alcon Purepoint laser machines with two indirect ophthalmoscope delivery systems 
  Pascal laser machine 

Retinopexy Laser

Post surgery (same day) 

Post surgery (after a few months)

Other Retinal Conditions

Branch Retinal Vein Obstruction

Central Retinal Vein Obstruction

Macular Hole 

Epiretinal Membrane

Central Serous Chororetinopathy

Retinal Guide by Dr Gerard Chua​h

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