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Glaucoma is an eye condition if left untreated, can lead to irreversible blindness. It has a genetic presposition, thus early detection through screening is important. Glaucoma is not a single disease entity, but refers to a group of eye conditions which share certain common features. Most eye surgeons agree that to make a diagnosis of glaucoma, the following features should be present:  

1. Higher than normal eye pressure

2. Evidence of damage to the optic nerve; change in appearance of the optic nerve which shows damage.

Normal optic nerve

Damaged optic nerve

3. Damage to the visual field of the eye whic​h can be demonstrated by performing certain tests on the patient.

Normal visual field

Visual field of a patient with advance glaucoma ("Tunnel Vision")

Diagnostic Equipments

  Topcon Non-Contact Tonometry
  Topcon Optical Coherence Tomography Maestro 2
  Optovue Optical Coherence Tomography
  Optos Daytona Wide angle camera  

Treatment Options  

More often than not, glaucoma can be treated with eye drops to reduce eye pressure to a desired level. In some cases, a procedure known as periperal iridoctomy (PI) can be performed in patients with narrow angles to facilitate the drainage of fluid in the eye. 

Glaucoma Guide by Dr Gerard Chua​h

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